Rostam Mirlashari

Rostam Mirlashari“Golbang means a lot to me,” explains Rostam, “above all it embodies my dream of an ideal community where we meet and respect one another and where our abilities are combined to create something together. It enables me to develop not just a as a musician but as a person.”
While growing up in Baluchistan (southeastern Iran), Rostam was inspired, above all, by his parents who were both gifted singers though not professional musicians. (His father was a lawyer). There was always singing at home; visitors were welcome to join in. Rostam’s father particularly enjoyed improvising on traditional songs.

As a youth, Rostam was the youngest of a trio in the town of Ban that performed traditional, folk and contemporary songs. As an adult, Rostam studied civil engineering, worked in the building industry and even became director of a construction company in Minab.

Rostam was well known in Iran for his singing before coming to Sweden in 1991. He has mastered many different singing techniques and scales which he continued to refine while studying at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm. His special singing technique contributes to Golbang’s unique sound. Martin Byström, a reviewer for Dagens Nyheter, states that Rostam ”must have one of Sweden’s most beautiful and seductive voices.”

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