Technical rider

Technical rider Golbang

1. Rostam Mirlashari, Lead vocals

2. Daniel Reid, Saxophone, Flute & Backing vocals

3. Celso Paco, Drums

4. Liliana Zavala, Percussion, Backing Vocals

5. Andreas Hourdakis, Guitar

6. Bamshad Mirlashari, Keyboard/ Piano, backing vocals

7. Ramin Yousefi, Bass

8. Nils Jansson, Trumpet

9. Daniel K Johansson, Trombon

Min. requirements:

32 channel analog mixer or Yamaha M7CL, Yamaha LS-9 or simular.

NOTE: If digital mixer is supplied it must be Yamaha M7CL or Yamaha LS-9

8 monitor sends

8 monitor wedges

1 quality reverb


1. Kick

2. Snare

3. Hihat

4. Tom1

5. Tom2

6. Floor

7. Overhead

8. Overhead

9. Bas DI box

10. Keyboard1

11. Keyboard1

12. Keyboard2

13. Keyboard2

14. Guitar (brings own active DI box, need 48v and 230v 50Hz converter for pedals)

15. Perc Conga

16. Perc Conga

17. Perc Bongos

18. Perc Darabuca

19. Perc OH right

20. Per OH left

21. Perc line DI box

22. Perc overhead condenser microphone

23. Guitar (amp or DI box)

24. Sopranosax, condenser microphone, brings own clip on microfon, need 48v

25. Altosax, condenser microphone, brings own clip on microfon, need 48v

26. Flute, small condensor microfon on stand

27. Trumpet, Shure SM57 or simular

28. Trombon, Shure SM57 or simular

29. Vocal Sax

30. Vocal Perussion

31. Vocal Keyboard

32. Lead Vocal

For backline we need:


Tama Starclassic, DW performer, Pearl Masters, Yamaha Maple Custom or similar

10” rack tom

12” rack tom

14” floor tom

20” bass drum,

14”x 6,5” snare drum

3x boom cymbal stands

snare stand

hi hat stand

bass drum single pedal

2x crashes (14” and 16”)

1x ride cymbal (20”)

All cymbals of THINNER, professional models if possible. (For ex. Meinl Byzanze Traditional,

Zildjian K,

Paiste traditional, Istanbul traditional or similar) (NO THICK ROCK CYMBALS PLEASE!!!!)


Congas LP 11”+ 12” or simular + stand

Bongos LP Matador or simular + stand

2 x boom cymbal stands

Darbuka with stand

Guitar amplifier Fender hotrod de lux or DI box.

Bass amplifier EBS TD 660 + Neoline 810 or simular

Double keyboard stand of higher quality that can take the weight of big keyboards

Two stereo DI boxes for keyboards

2 music stand

Any problems meeting these requirements please contact:

Daniel Reid: Tel: +4670 956 61 91

Download  stageplot as PDF.