Golbang is the home that receives different cultural expressions without limits of nationalities, it is the stew where the condiments and musical flavors that travel thousands of years between different continents to take root in Sweden are mixed.


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Morid (2016)

Morid – the searching for love – that confronts loss and sorrow, while instilling compassion and the strength to survive. The release for CD Morid was October 2016.

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Setareh (2009)

Golbang celebrates their 15th year as a band with this brand new album: A sparkling colourful compliation unlike any other, that reflects the diverse musical traditions of its memebers.

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Saali No (2003)

With this record, Golbang has created an invitation to a world of sounds, emotions and joy. One second you find yourself on the floor, dancing because it is impossible to stay seated, the next you sit with your eyes closed, listening, relaxing in pure enjoyment.

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Golbang (2000)

In November 2000 Golbangs first album “Golbang”  was released.

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Golbang is a modern and limitless world music band with an entirely unique sound. The band name is Persian for “the song of the nightingale”, and the eight members have, among others, Persian, Baluchi, Kurdish, Afghan and Swedish roots. An important part of the Golbang magic is the distinct sounds from different cultures -that are present in all their songs – as well as their improvisational ability.