– modern and limitless world music


In the encounter between Baluchi, Persian, Kurdish, Afghan and Swedish music traditions, Golbang creates musical magic. Meet one of the world’s loveliest voices in groovy interplay and improvisation for peace and love. This is world-class world music!


Golbang is a world music band with an entirely unique sound. The band name is Persian for “the song of the nightingale”, and the nine members have Persian, Baluchi, Kurdish, Afghan, Argentinian, Greek and Swedish roots.  Founded in 1994, Golbang has always experimented with combining Scandinavian folk melodies with African and Afro-Latin rhythms as well as Middle Eastern influences. The distinct sounds from different cultures are always present in the music and is an important part of Golbang's magic. In many ways, Golbang is a reflection of the nine members of the group.


Today, Golbang is one of the most popular world music ensembles of Scandinavia. They have four records and have performed on most of the biggest Scandinavian music stages as well as several international stages.